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Jorge A. Montoya, PhD
President and CEO

Combining extensive government sector, commercial, and academic experience, Jorge Montoya specializes in planning and evaluating public health and education programs. He began his career in research while an undergrad studying psychology at UC Berkeley in the early 1990’s where he developed a strong interest in how people process information in their social environment. After getting his PhD in social psychology from the University of Southern California in 2000, Jorge served as a Research Analyst at Frank N. Magid Associates where he conducted quantitative and qualitative branding and consumer research across the US and Latin America. While at Magid, Jorge conducted hundreds of focus groups and interviews, developed dozens of questionnaires, interview guides, and surveys in both English and Spanish, and translated this research into more effective brands and products for clients.

Jorge next served as Director of Communications and Program Evaluation for the Los Angeles County Department of Public Health Sexually Transmitted Disease Program from 2002-2011. In this role, he directed the development, implementation, and evaluation of a number of large-scale community interventions designed to reach audiences such as low-income Hispanic and African-American youth, health providers, and students throughout Los Angeles County. He utilized the skills he developed in the private sector to develop strong brands for several award-winning social marketing campaigns, such as I Know and Check Yourself. He also developed outreach programs for STI testing and prevention and innovative internet-based programs including a county wide, free home STI test kit for women. While working at the DPH, Jorge also conducted several large-scale HIV and STI research studies and taught program evaluation at the University of Southern California. He published articles on branding for social marketing, social marketing evaluation, and HIV and STI risk behaviors, and delivered research findings at numerous conferences on effective programs and evaluation strategies.

As President and CEO of Sentient Research, Jorge has brought together a team of highly qualified researchers and program planners to conduct rigorous quantitative and qualitative research, create effective programs, and perform rigorous program evaluation. In one of his most recent projects, Jorge and his team developed a multi-mode screening program to help reduce STI disparities in South Los Angeles. This program both delivers STI tests and captures evaluation data in real-time through the integration of wireless mobile devices and web-based technology and targeted outreach. When Jorge takes a break from working for his clients, he likes to go for long hikes, hang out by the sea, read (John Steinbeck stuff mostly), and have fun with his two kids.



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