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Middle School Sexting Paper Published in Pediatrics Receives Widespread Media Coverage

Sentient Research staff co-authored a second paper on sexting that was recently published in the journal Pediatrics.Our study is the first to look at sexting in a probability sample of middle school students. The study found that 20% of students with cell phone access had received a sext and 5% reported sending a sext. Students who text at least 100 times per day were over twice as likely to report receiving sexts, over 4 times as likely to report sending a sext, and 4 times as likely to be sexually active. Students who sent sexts and students who received sexts were much more likely to report sexual activity. These findings suggest that sexting and its associated risks should be included as part of comprehensive sexual health education for middle school students. Upon publication, the study results were covered by over 50 media outlets both nationally (Los Angeles Times, CNN) and internationally in Canada, Australia, France, United Kingdom, India, Singapore, and Kenya.


Sexting and sexual behavior among middle school students.
Rice E, Gibbs J, Winetrobe H, Rhoades H, Plant A, Montoya J, Kordic T. Pediatrics. 2014;134(1):e21-28.

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