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New Study Finds Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, or Questioning Middle School Students More Likely to Experience Public Homelessness

A recent study co-authored by Sentient Research staff found that middle school LGBTQ students were more likely to be in high-risk homeless situations such as staying in a public place. This study was published in the Journal of School Health.

Using representative data, we examined sexual identity and homelessness among Los Angeles Unified School District middle school students. Nearly 10% of middle school students identified as LGBQ and 23.5% experienced at least 1 night of homelessness during the previous year. Contrary to our earlier studies of high school students, LGBQ middle school students did not experience higher rates of homelessness overall. However, when limiting the sample to students who had experienced homelessness, LGBQ students were more than 5 times as likely as heterosexual students to have stayed in a public place and 63% as likely to have stayed in a shelter. Schools must implement homelessness surveillance systems to assist in identifying early episodes of homelessness, thereby reducing the likelihood of poor physical and mental health outcomes associated with chronic homelessness.



Homelessness and Sexual Identity Among Middle School Students.
Rice E, Petering R, Rhoades H, Barman-Adhikari A, Winetrobe H, Plant A, Montoya J, Kordic T.
Journal of School Health. 2015;85(8):552-7.

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