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Taking Care of Me, Debuts at the 2017 American Public Health Association Global Film Festival

APHA Film Festival LogoTaking Care of Me was created and evaluated by Sentient Research through a 46-month contract from the CDC. The video aims to improve early initiation of treatment, medication adherence, and retention in care among persons living with HIV. The soap-opera style video is designed for viewing in the waiting rooms of HIV treatment facilities. Multiple studies have found that pro-social messages embedded in entertainment programs can influence viewers’ awareness, attitudes, and behaviors. What makes entertainment-education powerful is that pro-health messages are a central component of the production yet there is no compromise in terms of entertainment. Entertainment-education interventions such as Taking Care of Me have the advantage of being brief, easy to implement, cost-effective, and easy to disseminate. The video was piloted in three facilities. Comparison of the facilities’ electronic medical records for 10 months before the video was shown compared to a 10 month period while the video was showing found a 10% improvement in viral suppression (p< 0.01), a 9% increase in patients prescribed treatment (p< 0.01), and positive (but not statistically significant) improvement in retention in care. Taking Care of Me will be widely distributed beginning in 2018.


Citation: Taking Care of Me, Educating and Empowering Persons Living with HIV
Neumann M, Plant A, Margolis A, Borkowf C. Video screened at: 2017 APHA Conference; November 4-8, 2017; Atlanta, Georgia.





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