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Aaron Plant, MPH
Vice President

Aaron Plant has worked in public service for twenty years. He began his professional life as a paraprofessional in special education while studying folklore at UC Berkeley in the early 1990s. After getting his BA, he started a career in public health at UC San Francisco, working as a producer for the award-winning international HIV website, HIV inSite. From there, he moved back and forth for several years between the private and non-profit sector, and between San Francisco and New York City, (it was the dot com boom, after all), project managing large-scale health websites for companies like WebMD and Medscape and nonprofit organizations like GMHC, among others.

During this time, Aaron became interested in using the internet to do more than simply deliver health information, but as a way to actually create positive behavior change. Toward this goal, he moved back to California to get his Master’s in Public Health from UCLA in community health sciences, which he received in 2005. For the next seven years, Aaron worked for the Los Angeles County Department of Public Health, where he specialized in planning, implementing, and evaluating social marketing campaigns and developing web-based prevention and testing programs. His work at the DPH also included managing a very busy team of outreach workers, helping set up an internet partner notification program, conducting several quantitative and qualitative research studies in STIs and HIV, and publishing papers on qualitative research, social marketing, online partner notification, program evaluation, and web-based STI testing programs.

Aaron has worked at Sentient Research since its inception, managing numerous quantitative and qualitative research studies, developing programs, and conducting program evaluation studies. While he loves public health, he’s always excited when he gets to work on projects in other areas such as education and public policy, and he’s happiest when he gets a chance to bring together his project management skills and technology background to create innovative new programs (like Project U). When he’s not developing programs at Sentient Research, Aaron enjoys working in his garden and running around with his two big dogs.




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