At Sentient Research, we take projects from idea to impact.


Whether it’s helping an organization better understand a health or social issue, creating a new intervention from the ground up, or evaluating programs large or small, we bring great enthusiasm for new challenges and a passion for positive social change to everything we do. We work in English and Spanish, and use a mix of quantitative and qualitative research methods to provide our clients with a deep understanding of the groups they are trying to reach and the problems they are trying to solve.

core competencies

Quantitative Research
We have extensive experience using randomized controlled trials (RCTs) and quasi-experimental designs; data collection strategies such as online surveys, telephone polling, and street intercepts; and use advanced statistical analysis to provide accurate, actionable results.

Qualitative Research
We have conducted hundreds of focus groups, interviews, and observational studies to provide insights on topics ranging from HIV treatment to immigrant policy.

Program Development
We specialize in creating effective programs using entertainment-education, social marketing, and technology such as apps, websites, e-learning, and video. Our programs begin with rigorous research and are grounded in deep collaboration with communities, using human-centered design and community-based participatory research.

Program Implementation and Dissemination
Our staff have extensive experience implementing programs, including those we developed and those created by our partners. We have also successfully used marketing and promotional strategies to disseminate programs on a national and international scale.

Program Evaluation
We have evaluated dozens of federal-, state-, and locally-funded projects. We help our clients identify program outcomes and how to make them better through continual program improvement.

Our work includes communicating strategically with diverse audiences and stakeholders to develop, support, and publicize our clients’ organizations and programs. We offer a mix of marketing techniques, free media, white papers, and reports, and regularly publish papers in peer-reviewed journals and present at academic conferences.

social marketing

We’re experts in conducting research to plan and evaluate social marketing campaigns.


We’re using this powerful methodology to create effective behavior-change interventions.